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Defining a Health Information Exchange

The United States is facing the largest shortage of healthcare practitioners in our country’s history which is compounded by an ever increasing geriatric population. In 2005 there existed one geriatrician for every 5,000 US residents over 65 and only nine of the 145 medical schools trained geriatricians. By 2020 the industry is estimated to be short 200,000 physicians and over a million nurses. Never, in the history of US healthcare, has so much been demanded with so few personnel. Because of this shortage combined with the geriatric population increase, the medical community has to find a way to provide timely, accurate information to those who need it in a uniform fashion. Imagine if flight controllers spoke the native language of their country instead of the current international flight language, English. This example captures the urgency and critical nature of our need for standardized communication in healthcare. A healthy information exchange can help improve safety, reduce length of hospital stays, cut down on medication errors, reduce redundancies in lab testing or procedures and make the health system

Those Who See Health as Static and Those Who Do not Think About It

I believe Americans need a new way of thinking about health. Look where our current perspectives on the subject have gotten us – we are last among the world’s 17 most industrialized nations in all the key indicators of health. It’s hard to believe but true: we’re last in life expectancy; we have the highest rates of obesity, infant mortality, low birth weights, heart disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease, homicide rates, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The lead author of the Institute of Medicine, NIH sponsored study that revealed this situation remarked that “Americans get sicker, die sooner and sustain more injuries than people in all other high-income countries.” (That’s a quote from the report.) Then he added this coup de grace: “We were stunned by the propensity of findings all on the negative side – the scope of the disadvantage covers all ages, from babies to seniors, both sexes, all classes of society. If we fail to act, life spans will continue to shorten and children will face greater rates of illness than those in other nations.”

Two Ways to Think of Health

I believe

Advantages And Health Benefits for You

Cassia Tora is actually an uncultivated harvest plant which is a member of the Caesalpinaceae herb family and genus Cassia. Cassia Tora plant seeds are usually tough to outrank because of their high quality and price. These particular seeds are bold and compact. This plant is famous for its important curative benefit.

Use of Cassia Tora Seeds

• Used as a medicine for scabies as well as herpes

• Used as a paste along with lime juice with regard to herpes

• Recommended as decoction for kids at the time of teething

• Used as a gentle laxative or even as a solution for coughs

• Used in case of diarrhea and ophthalmia

Health aware populace is increasing at present and they often wish to walk around the natural approach. Plants and herbs are therefore obtaining respect in drugs these days. Among several other vegetation meant for therapeutic reasons, cassia tora is certainly one particular name with lots of health advantages. This specific plant developed in the warm environments around the world, and it’s known as Jue Ming Zi as per Chinese drugs;

Occupational Health Sector Knowledge and Core Competencies

It is not possible to describe a highly complex and dynamic process such as occupational health nursing simply in terms of core activities or tasks. Occupational Health Nurse (OHA) are constantly learning new skills, adapting current practices to meet new needs and developing new approaches to solving problems and therefore their practice is not static but is constantly improving based upon a core range of skills.

However, within this limitation it is possible to describe those core areas of knowledge and competence that occupational health nurses use. The following list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to give an indication of the wide range of competencies that occupational health nurses demonstrate in practice.

The Clinician

Primary prevention

The OHA is skilled in primary prevention of injury or disease. The nurse may identify the need for, assess and plan interventions to, for example modify working environments, systems of work or change working practices in order to reduce the risk of hazardous exposure. Occupational health nurses are skilled in considering factors, such as human behavior and habits in relation to actual working practices. The nurse can also collaborate in the identification, conception and correction

Health Care Reform, Why Do People Become Working?

Why are Americans so worked up about health care reform? Statements such as “don’t touch my Medicare” or “everyone should have access to state of the art health care irrespective of cost” are in my opinion uninformed and visceral responses that indicate a poor understanding of our health care system’s history, its current and future resources and the funding challenges that America faces going forward. While we all wonder how the health care system has reached what some refer to as a crisis stage. Let’s try to take some of the emotion out of the debate by briefly examining how health care in this country emerged and how that has formed our thinking and culture about health care. With that as a foundation let’s look at the pros and cons of the Obama administration health care reform proposals and let’s look at the concepts put forth by the Republicans?

Access to state of the art health care services is something we can all agree would be a good thing for this country. Experiencing a serious illness is one of life’s major challenges and to face it without the means to pay for it is positively frightening. But

7 Tips for Comparing Your Health Care Policy

Australians already know that health coverage can provide security for individuals and families when a medical need arises. Many, however, do not know how to find the best value when comparing health insurance policies.

Below are 10 tips everyone should read before shopping for private health coverage.

1. Choose coverage that concentrates on your specific health needs, or potential health needs.

The first thing you should do before comparing your health plan options is determine which policy features best fit your needs. A 30-year-old accountant, for instance, is going to need very different coverage than a 55year-old pro golfer, or a 75-year-old retired veterinarian. By understanding the health needs that most often correspond to people in your age and activity level group – your life stage – you can save money by purchasing only the coverage you need and avoid unnecessary services that aren’t relevant. For instance, a young family with two small children isn’t going to need coverage for joint replacement or cataract surgery. A 60-year-old school teacher isn’t going to need pregnancy and birth control-related services.

Whether it’s high level comprehensive care you’re after, or the least expensive option to exempt you

Health Reform

In the last few months we’ve seen a lot of Health Care Reform rules and regulations being introduced by the Health and Human Services Department. Every time that happens, the media gets hold of it and all kinds of articles are written in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the TV network news programs talk about it. All the analysts start talking about the pros and cons, and what it means to businesses and individuals.

The problem with this is, many times one writer looked at the regulation, and wrote a piece about it. Then other writers start using pieces from that first article and rewriting parts to fit their article. By the time the information gets widely distributed, the actual regulations and rules get twisted and distorted, and what actually shows up in the media sometimes just doesn’t truly represent the reality of what the regulations say.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what is going on with ObamaCare, and one of the things that I’ve noticed in discussions with clients, is that there’s an underlying set of myths that people have picked up about health care reform that just aren’t true.

Why is it Important to Be Healthy? Must read

Health, by definition, is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. It implies the absence of infirmity or disease, but their mere absence does not imply being healthy. Earning and maintaining health is an active process. Good health is a result of proper nutrition, regular exercise, good health care, and hygiene. One of the most important factors that determine the mental health of an individual is his/her happiness quotient. Hence, effective stress management is a vital factor in remaining healthy.
Human beings are the most important assets of a nation. It is people who drive the world towards progress and also benefit from it. To advance in life and reap the advantages of this development, what we need first is good health. To be able to enjoy anything, we first need to be fit, both physically and mentally. The absence of health can make the world come to a standstill. Lack of health means passivity, incapacity, and unhappiness. An unhealthy living robs us of the pleasures in life. The true definition of health brings out the real essence of a healthy life. The concept of being healthy is a composition of different facets of life. It includes

All Plans About Affordable Health Insurance For you and your family

While consumers search for affordable health insurance, they have price in their mind as the top priority. A general conception among the consumers is that cheap health plans should not be costly-the cheapest health plan available in the market is their target. However, this approach is not good. Sometimes, paying for a cheap health insurance plan but still not getting the required level of coverage results only in wastage of money.

With the implementation of the affordable care act, the reach of affordable health plans is set to increase. Or at least, this is what is believed to be the objective of healthcare reforms. However, lots of consumers are still in confusion about how things would work. In this article, we will discuss some detailed options that consumers can try while looking to buy affordable health plans.

To get a hand on affordable health insurance plans, consumers need to take of certain things. First among them is about knowing the options in the particular state of the residence. There are lots of state and federal government-run programs that could be suitable for consumers. Knowing the options is pretty important. Next would be to understand the

Panchakarma, Ayurvedic Treatment At Satara At Prakruti Health Resort

Ayurveda holds key to eternal health as well as youthful looks. Therapies like shirodhara and sharir shuddhi balance health conditions providing rejuvenated body, mind and soul; whereas, panchakarma treatmenteliminates body toxins giving flawless complexion, healthy metabolism and so on. An effective ayurvedic health resort providing valuable ayurvedic remedies can really be helpful. This is why Prakruti health resort is committed towards better health care.

Located at world heritage Kaas plateau, this ayurvedic health resort in Satara is a perfect destination for body, mind and soul rejuvenation. Guests get pollution-free, peaceful environment here for healthy lifestyle. Ayurvedic doctors provide valuable health tips based on birthdate, lifestyle and achievable health goals.

Ayurvedic doctors at Prakruti ayurvedic health resort in Satara strongly believe that health irregularities are cured by one’s body itself. Hence, healthy habits are imparted here for eternal strength and beauty. Health consultation, lifestyle correction, diet plans are designed after thorough health analysis.

Once analysis and diagnosis is done, various forms body culturing is initiated so that upcoming result-oriented panchakarma treatments and ayurvedic remedies. Guests get excellent panchakarma, ayurvedic spa, sharirshuddhi, shirodhara, head-to-toe relaxation therapies, basti etc.

#Ayurveda is known to eliminate diseases from their

Blueberry Honey, Enjoying Sweet and Health Benefits

Since the ancient times, honey has been famous due to its useful benefits. These advantages have been taken into consideration since studies have shown that it has been used by people from generation to generation. Because of its profound advantages, different varieties of honey were discovered and one of these varieties includes the Blueberry Honey which is a type of honey that is produced from a flowering plant with indigo colored berries called Blueberries. Essentially, blueberries itself are known to supplement certain health conditions which is why Blueberry honeys are not only known for its sweet taste but as well as its health benefits.

4 Common Important Uses of Blueberry Honey

• Wound healing: based on methodological research, honeys such as the Blueberry honey are said to reliable when it comes to wound healing management. Due to its antibacterial effects, this classification of honey works primarily in promoting rapid wound healing process as well as deodorizing and debridement of necrotic tissues. Essentially, there are lots of classifications of wounds that this type of honey can heal but most of these wounds are non-healing which usually includes chronic ulcers, burns and postoperative wounds.

• Skin Care

Spiritual Mental Health Series

The story of Greta Garbo is thoroughly documented, to say the least. Born in a poor neighborhood in Stockholm, worked at a department store that utilized her for modeling and even a short PR film, then a PR film for a different local business, another film and then a scholarship to the Royal Dramatic Theatre – onto the fateful meeting with director Mauritz Stiller. After an interesting road of paying dues and moving up, which included the infamous showdown with MGM and silent films and talkies, somewhere along the way she took the step into movie and cultural icon.

It is well-known that it was invariably a combination of factors that came together to build the legend; Obviously, her own personality and pristine beauty, the image making machinations of the studio system, the drama of the story of how her career developed and played out, also at times the mirroring of events in the movies she was in – creating a truth-as-fiction, fiction-as-truth dynamic. So, directly onto a short posit of what she has meant to so many and a bit of theorizing as to the possible why – for the sake of some potential philosophic takeaway.

How Mobile Technology Can Change the Health Care Industry

In the present era of Healthcare Industry, MobilitySolutions get a good space. Mobile Apps are playing a crucial role in the theHealthcare sector. Doctors, patients, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of Mobility.

Mobile technology has its impact in the Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical industry. Mobile apps are helpful to the doctors, fitness experts, patients & hospital management staff. Doctors prescribe the patients through apps. Patients can get-time reminders for medicine & regular health checkups. Mobile health technology has formulated the new ways that doctors can assist patients, health conscious people can remain healthy by using fitness apps. Hospital management staff can easily maintain the stock of medicines, injections & other activity by using Mobile Apps.

Medical professionals other than doctors, such as medical practitioners, HospitalManagement staff & students also make use of apps for the ease of all sorts of operations & routine tasks.

A survey conducted it the US  reveals 62% US smartphone owners have used their phone to get information about a health condition in the year of 2015. Therefore, it is proved that mobile apps belong to Healthcare industry get a good user response.

Let’s Understand How Mobile Apps

How To Treat Diabetes Disease Naturally and Healthfully?

Those who are suffering from diabetes should make changes in their lifestyle and consume natural diabetes remedies to control it. It is also important to make modifications in your diet and perform daily exercises to control diabetes and stay fit. How to live a healthy life as a diabetic is a common question asked by the person suffering from this health problem.

Diabec capsule, which formed with potential and proven herbal ingredients, is one of the ideal natural diabetes remedies. Consistent consumption of this herbal supplement helps in maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar. Only potential herbs are used in the preparation of this herbal supplement. It also helps in utilization of glucose and maintains good triglycerides and cholesterol.

Diabec herbal pill is one of the most recommended natural diabetes remedies today. It helps in maintaining healthy glucose levels in blood and urine. It also helps in keeping you free from the adverse effects of increased blood sugar. It helps in providing relief from tiredness and body pain. Additionally, it helps in getting relief from giddiness and other related issues. Regular consumption of Diabec capsule enhances functioning of pancreas and increases insulin production as well. It also nourishes your body

Some types of healthy foods to lose weight

We’re all familiar with that kind of healthy breakfast in morning. You know, the one where you wake up late, shell out the door in a urgency, and grasp a muffin at the nearby coffee shop. While there’s nothing incorrect with pampering in a good pastry every once in a while, creating it a habit is not so great.

Done correct —as in, when you make healthy selections —breakfast can really be a key constituent in weight loss. According to research by the Obesity Society, people who eat more calories at breakfast and lesser calories at dinner lose more weight, decrease waist circumference, and sense fuller longer.

“Your body is like a needy car—it needs fuel major thing in the morning, and again every 4 to 6 hours after,” states Jessica Crandall, RDN, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She emphases the significance of put in up on protein and fiber in the AM so that you don’t bang later.

There are special types of healthy breakfast foods for weight lossGo for: Protein

Eggs are a before lunch staple for a reason. According to a study published in the American Journal of Nutrition, consuming a

Have a healthy lifestyle

It is important to have a healthy mouth in order to have a healthy body. The food that we consume goes in from the mouth, and if it isn’t in hygienic condition then every system of the body gets disrupted. Following a healthy diet is not only good for maintaining a proper body but also good for the growth of gum tissues. Cavities occur mainly due to intake of improper food that gets stuck on the deeper parts of the mouth. Surgical procedures are required sometime in case of severe jaw infections especially when the jaw bone is damaged due to the pulp being destroyed.

Jaw doctors are specialists who conduct treatments as well as diagnosis of the diseases specific to a person’s jaw. In collaboration with a maxillofacial and oral surgeon these specialists also perform surgical procedures, if required. The corrective surgery is performed In order to improve breathing difficulties, improper chewing habits, and speech impairment that are related to problems with the gum and jaw. It is also used to correct any deformity related to the skeletal system. Other problems that are treated using orthognathic surgery are as follows:

1)Pain in the joints: TMJ

Guide to Healthy Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are grains, fruits,vegetables, legumes and sugar. There are simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates like sugars are quick energy sources.Complex carbohydrates like starches take longer to digest. Some simple carbohydrates come from’sometimes’ foods like soda and candy, which have lots of sugar and not a lot of vitamins. But many come from foods such as apples, bananas, grapes, and raisins. These give you extras such as vitamins and minerals. Complex carbohydrates like starches and fiber supply longer lasting energy, as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Examples of complex carbohydrates are bread,cereals, pasta and vegetables. It’s important to not eat more carbohydrates than are needed for energy or else the extra energy will store in the liver or in the tissues as fat.

Fruit sand vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. They help you to grow, help with healing, and keep your skin, eyes, heart and digestive system healthy. Listed below are the protective properties that are found in red, orange, green, and purple fruits and vegetables.

Red fruits and vegetables have:

•     VitaminA- keeps your eyes healthy

•     VitaminC- heals cuts and wounds and keeps gums and teeth healthy

•     Lycopene-in tomatoes, protects the

Here are the benefits of Juice Bitter for Health in Diabetes

Did you know that bitter gourd or karela is not really a vegetable but a fruit. Bitter Gourd Juice Benefits is used for consumption and for various medicinal purposes is the fruit of the sour squash. While we’ve been so busy reproachful its bitter flavour, we’ve not only unnoticed this fact but also the wide range of  bitter gourd juice offers.

Bitter Gourd Juice Benefits for Diabetes

It also recognised as bitter melon,can be beneficial for monitoring diabetes due to its blood glucose loweringeffects. It can prevents insulin resistance.

·        Drink some bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every morning. At start remove the seeds of two to three bitter gourds and use a juicer to extract the juice.

·        Add some water and then drink it. Follow this treatment everyday in the morning for at least two months.

·        You can involve one dish prepared ofbitter gourd daily in your diet.

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd

Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels

·        It includes an insulin-like mixture called Polypeptide-p or p-insulin which has been shown to control blood sugar naturally.

Maintains Insulin Level

·        It benefits in improving the glucosetolerance without any noticeable increase in

De Addiction is the Key to a Healthy Life

Addiction is state of being dependent on certain substance. It leads to the situation where person cannot live without the addicted product. De-Addiction is a process of breaking interest on addiction. De-Addiction Centres involves multiple procedures to get back to healthy life.

Ingeneral people are habituated to Drugs, Alcohol, smoke are main problem fromwhich people are suffering. Habit of smoking, drinking, drug intake really makesituation bitter. People may enjoy at the early stage but later on they faceproblems physically, mentally and financially. It leads damage of liver, heartmuscles, breast, colon, mouth, liver cancer. The drug consumptions produce skinirritation problems in stomach etc. smoking produces big damage to lungs. Thereis a old saying health is wealth in this case health and wealth both are losed.Person in that particular depencies cannot think of their family, friends,neighbour and relatives, this leads to break human relations. If a person comesto the realization then perfect solution is De Addiction Centres.

AlcoholDe Addiction and drug De Addiction play important role in addicted life becauseit is impossible to get back to his normal life without treatment andcounseling. It is really difficult for addictants to get rid of habit but it ismust to have

a Way to a Healthy Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, you would be flooded with information from your doctor, your family, the internet and of course your friends. Well, that’s how it is.
These 9 months will be full of excitement, apprehension, curiosity and intrigue. Along with these emotions, there will also be a lot of physical changes in your body. You need to take utmost care of yourself at this time, ensuring a warm welcome for the little one.

Heartiest congratulations on the beginning of the most beautiful journey of your life, pregnancy! Like the journey of life, this might be easy for some and difficult for some others. There is nothing you need to worry about. Read on to follow the path to a healthy pregnancy.

As a pregnant woman, you would be flooded with information from your doctor, your family, the internet and of course your friends. Well, that’s how it is.

These 9 months will be full of excitement, apprehension, curiosity and intrigue. Along with these emotions, there will also be a lot of physical changes in your body. You need to take utmost care of yourself at this time, ensuring a warm welcome for the little