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Panchakarma, Ayurvedic Treatment At Satara At Prakruti Health Resort

Ayurveda holds key to eternal health as well as youthful looks. Therapies like shirodhara and sharir shuddhi balance health conditions providing rejuvenated body, mind and soul; whereas, panchakarma treatmenteliminates body toxins giving flawless complexion, healthy metabolism and so on. An effective ayurvedic health resort providing valuable ayurvedic remedies can really be helpful. This is why Prakruti health resort is committed towards better health care.

Located at world heritage Kaas plateau, this ayurvedic health resort in Satara is a perfect destination for body, mind and soul rejuvenation. Guests get pollution-free, peaceful environment here for healthy lifestyle. Ayurvedic doctors provide valuable health tips based on birthdate, lifestyle and achievable health goals.

Ayurvedic doctors at Prakruti ayurvedic health resort in Satara strongly believe that health irregularities are cured by one’s body itself. Hence, healthy habits are imparted here for eternal strength and beauty. Health consultation, lifestyle correction, diet plans are designed after thorough health analysis.

Once analysis and diagnosis is done, various forms body culturing is initiated so that upcoming result-oriented panchakarma treatments and ayurvedic remedies. Guests get excellent panchakarma, ayurvedic spa, sharirshuddhi, shirodhara, head-to-toe relaxation therapies, basti etc.

#Ayurveda is known to eliminate diseases from their root causes. Effective ayurvedic remedies are suggested in ancient transcripts that cure even the most unexplained health problems. Simple movements like tearing papers with legs can keep numbness in legs and feet away. Similarly, snehan, swedan, niruha basti, vaman, virechan, raktamokshan, dhoompan, gandush, kaval, steam bath, relaxation massages, nasya, anjan, prushtha basti, paad abhyang etc. affect one’s health in a positive way.

Dr. Suyog Dandekar and his team’s healthcare efforts are recognized and appreciated on various platforms. He is bestowed with several awards and recognition. This entire team has cured more than 150,000 patients in the past 15 years and successfully handled some unexplained health problems.

This ayurvedic wellness center specializes in ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, infertility, arthritis, joint diseases, obesity as well as sharirshuddhi, ayurvedic spa, pachan saunskar, shirodhara to keep one’s health at it’s best. Through signature therapies metabolism and other essential body functions are very well regulated which further leads to better long-term health.

Through professional health care treatment and simple tricks, body systems are trained to eliminate waste and keep only nutritious substances for weight loss as well as management. Dr. Dandekar pays personal attention to every guest to ensure premier healthcare for all.

To spread good health through panchakarma treatments, Prakruti health resort team has several programs one of which is “panchakarma treatment offers”. Now one can avail 3 days panchakarma for free by subscribing to a 12-day package. Also for special events you can gift a perfect gift with #OneDayDeals on #PanchakarmaTreatment.

Advantages And Health Benefits for You

Cassia Tora is actually an uncultivated harvest plant which is a member of the Caesalpinaceae herb family and genus Cassia. Cassia Tora plant seeds are usually tough to outrank because of their high quality and price. These particular seeds are bold and compact. This plant is famous for its important curative benefit.

Use of Cassia Tora Seeds

• Used as a medicine for scabies as well as herpes

• Used as a paste along with lime juice with regard to herpes

• Recommended as decoction for kids at the time of teething

• Used as a gentle laxative or even as a solution for coughs

• Used in case of diarrhea and ophthalmia

Health aware populace is increasing at present and they often wish to walk around the natural approach. Plants and herbs are therefore obtaining respect in drugs these days. Among several other vegetation meant for therapeutic reasons, cassia tora is certainly one particular name with lots of health advantages. This specific plant developed in the warm environments around the world, and it’s known as Jue Ming Zi as per Chinese drugs; it carries different well-liked names such as Cassia Tora, Cassia Semen etc. Cassia Tora plant carries husks which contain seeds. The particular plant seeds are usually soft in touch and they are greenish to brownish in shade. Most o these plant seeds contain several health advantages and they are popular in lots of types such as pastes plus powered style, natural and organic pads, and so on. The seeds are fairly sweet as well as salty in taste; they might likewise have a sign of bitterness. They even have a cooling character, which could be very useful. Moreover, these seeds are normally used for making tea, that’s valuable as well.

As we know that cassia seeds have outstanding cooling characteristics, besides cooling components available in most of these seeds, their wetness as well as sugariness are usually advantageous as well. These seeds are well-known in curing hypertension. They assists in eliminating too much heat from the entire body, usually, your liver organ. Additionally they help you in constipation related problems. They remove the high temperature from the body, thereby also caring for the bowels and kidneys. They thoroughly clean your intestine and so are good in treating constipation. These particular seeds are likewise good for your eyes; their bitter and salty characteristics assist in sustaining a proper vision. Cassia Tora seeds paste is furthermore helpful in several skin problems, such as, it is helpful in treating skin diseases. This particular paste is widely used to cure snakebites as well. The mixture of cassia seeds along with other herbal plants such as dioscorea, rehmannia lyceum etc., are too well-known to generate useful drugs for different ailments.

Bulk Agro is providing real high quality Cassia Tora Seed to their prestigious consumers, according to their precise needs. Our quality Cassia seeds and its related products are generally sold worldwide due to their therapeutic capabilities. All these herbal products are hygienically processed by using recent technologies and superior machinery. Customer satisfaction is our main motto!

Blueberry Honey, Enjoying Sweet and Health Benefits

Since the ancient times, honey has been famous due to its useful benefits. These advantages have been taken into consideration since studies have shown that it has been used by people from generation to generation. Because of its profound advantages, different varieties of honey were discovered and one of these varieties includes the Blueberry Honey which is a type of honey that is produced from a flowering plant with indigo colored berries called Blueberries. Essentially, blueberries itself are known to supplement certain health conditions which is why Blueberry honeys are not only known for its sweet taste but as well as its health benefits.

4 Common Important Uses of Blueberry Honey

• Wound healing: based on methodological research, honeys such as the Blueberry honey are said to reliable when it comes to wound healing management. Due to its antibacterial effects, this classification of honey works primarily in promoting rapid wound healing process as well as deodorizing and debridement of necrotic tissues. Essentially, there are lots of classifications of wounds that this type of honey can heal but most of these wounds are non-healing which usually includes chronic ulcers, burns and postoperative wounds.

• Skin Care Regimen: since Blueberry honey is known to be a good antibacterial agent, studies have also shown that it also best recommended as a facial regimen for those individuals who are suffering from facial scar and acne. Compared to other types of honey, Blueberries are said to have higher antibacterial activity. Furthermore, there are also higher concentration of antioxidants in honeys form blueberries thus making it effective against heart disease and cancer.

• Urinary Tract Infection: in the view of the fact that blueberry contains similar constituents to cranberries, researches have shown that Blueberry honey might also prevent the bacteria that causes Urinary tract infection. Although studies are not quite sure if this type of honey can really prevent bladder infections, still scientific experts have reported that some cases have resulted to the prevention of the bacteria from attaching into the lining of the urinary bladder.

• Common colds and soar throat: essentially, blueberries do contain astringent tannins which are said to be very helpful in soothing soar throats. This is the reason why, Blueberry honeys are known to treat common colds and soar throat due its specific components. Moreover, its potent ability to threat soar throats will be very effective once ginger or lemon is combined.

Thus given with all these informative facts, it only shows that blueberry honey is not just a plain and simple type of honey but rather a sweet treat with an enormous medicinal and beautification benefits. In addition to these important data, this type of honey is not only being used as a spread on breads but rather it is considered to be on of the main ingredients in making mouth watering pastries such as blueberry honey muffins, pancakes and syrup which are all known to be an old time favorite of most individuals who love to satisfy themselves with sweet treats.

Spiritual Mental Health Series

The story of Greta Garbo is thoroughly documented, to say the least. Born in a poor neighborhood in Stockholm, worked at a department store that utilized her for modeling and even a short PR film, then a PR film for a different local business, another film and then a scholarship to the Royal Dramatic Theatre – onto the fateful meeting with director Mauritz Stiller. After an interesting road of paying dues and moving up, which included the infamous showdown with MGM and silent films and talkies, somewhere along the way she took the step into movie and cultural icon.

It is well-known that it was invariably a combination of factors that came together to build the legend; Obviously, her own personality and pristine beauty, the image making machinations of the studio system, the drama of the story of how her career developed and played out, also at times the mirroring of events in the movies she was in – creating a truth-as-fiction, fiction-as-truth dynamic. So, directly onto a short posit of what she has meant to so many and a bit of theorizing as to the possible why – for the sake of some potential philosophic takeaway.

It is apparent that the lady’s sense of lone self, perceived as reaching absolute levels, is the cornerstone of her mythology. Examining that further: Two related principles that speak to something profoundly fundamental about us as beings.

-Independence so genuine it is no-bluff willing to sacrifice things considered of great value, in the process telling the powers that be to take a hike. Who doesn’t like the thought of that?

-A sense of solitude so complete that it is a living indication that we are all our own ultimate company, which in turn is maybe revealing something about the soul or the spirit itself.

In reality, it would seem Ms Garbo reached a point where she simply wanted a quiet life for herself but was not, by any means, some compulsive shut-in. Popular image has a momentum all its own, however, and the idea of the retiring goddess seeking complete privacy grew unabated.

The notion of being independent and the notion of being solitary – two powerful concepts. What do they really communicate if taken to an extreme definition? Some extrapolation: In a way that cannot be captured in terms as we know them, we are, in some definitive sense – utterly alone – not alone – paradoxically both. This perhaps would indicate a depth of meaning for each one, unseparable from the others, that is cosmic in scope, with a relevancy that is important to examine.That is: The proposition that the spiritual force that is primordially the individual is soley responsible for, and in some way generating, – everything it experiences. It is “alone.” In contradiction, we are together – alluding to the ultimate conclusion that everything is together. Going further, everything is one thing or part of the same thing, which is, well, the same thing. So, where would this leave us? Perhaps, partly, with the lesson that the mystery of being both concretely connected and separate is a dynamic, transcendant balance. The fact of our uniqueness and the fact of our togetherness must be blended into one motion. This, in theory, could empower the individual with an operating perspective that more closely reflects the truth of what is going on beneath the surface – than the conclusion of an unattached, fragmented world and universe. You are alone. You are not alone.