Panchakarma, Ayurvedic Treatment At Satara At Prakruti Health Resort

Ayurveda holds key to eternal health as well as youthful looks. Therapies like shirodhara and sharir shuddhi balance health conditions providing rejuvenated body, mind and soul; whereas, panchakarma treatmenteliminates body toxins giving flawless complexion, healthy metabolism and so on. An effective ayurvedic health resort providing valuable ayurvedic remedies can really be helpful. This is why Prakruti health resort is committed towards better health care.

Located at world heritage Kaas plateau, this ayurvedic health resort in Satara is a perfect destination for body, mind and soul rejuvenation. Guests get pollution-free, peaceful environment here for healthy lifestyle. Ayurvedic doctors provide valuable health tips based on birthdate, lifestyle and achievable health goals.

Ayurvedic doctors at Prakruti ayurvedic health resort in Satara strongly believe that health irregularities are cured by one’s body itself. Hence, healthy habits are imparted here for eternal strength and beauty. Health consultation, lifestyle correction, diet plans are designed after thorough health analysis.

Once analysis and diagnosis is done, various forms body culturing is initiated so that upcoming result-oriented panchakarma treatments and ayurvedic remedies. Guests get excellent panchakarma, ayurvedic spa, sharirshuddhi, shirodhara, head-to-toe relaxation therapies, basti etc.

#Ayurveda is known to eliminate diseases from their root causes. Effective ayurvedic remedies are suggested in ancient transcripts that cure even the most unexplained health problems. Simple movements like tearing papers with legs can keep numbness in legs and feet away. Similarly, snehan, swedan, niruha basti, vaman, virechan, raktamokshan, dhoompan, gandush, kaval, steam bath, relaxation massages, nasya, anjan, prushtha basti, paad abhyang etc. affect one’s health in a positive way.

Dr. Suyog Dandekar and his team’s healthcare efforts are recognized and appreciated on various platforms. He is bestowed with several awards and recognition. This entire team has cured more than 150,000 patients in the past 15 years and successfully handled some unexplained health problems.

This ayurvedic wellness center specializes in ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, infertility, arthritis, joint diseases, obesity as well as sharirshuddhi, ayurvedic spa, pachan saunskar, shirodhara to keep one’s health at it’s best. Through signature therapies metabolism and other essential body functions are very well regulated which further leads to better long-term health.

Through professional health care treatment and simple tricks, body systems are trained to eliminate waste and keep only nutritious substances for weight loss as well as management. Dr. Dandekar pays personal attention to every guest to ensure premier healthcare for all.

To spread good health through panchakarma treatments, Prakruti health resort team has several programs one of which is “panchakarma treatment offers”. Now one can avail 3 days panchakarma for free by subscribing to a 12-day package. Also for special events you can gift a perfect gift with #OneDayDeals on #PanchakarmaTreatment.